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Nancy Phillips


Well, this is hard! Talking about myself isn’t something that comes naturally to me, so I usually let my art be the face I show the world. But since I must …


I’m a loving, born and raised southern mama to two kids whose endless creativity and boundless energy is a constant source of inspiration. So is my beautiful gray kitten, a slinky little mischief maker who is as likely to want to snuggle as bury her claws in me. So, you know — a pretty typical cat. (Ha!)


I’m an industrial designer by trade and training. I’ve always been creatively minded, but I spend most days embroiled in fairly technical projects. Two years ago, I realized I needed a way to let off a little creative steam. That decision led me to Spoonflower.


Spoonflower’s weekly design challenges have become my main creative outlet, satisfying my artistic yearning and introducing me to a vibrant community of like-minded creators. Being able to exercise my creative muscle has been tremendously rewarding, and the enthusiastic feedback I’ve received to my designs — not to mention their use in a huge variety of fun projects — has inspired me to found this studio.


Speaking of being inspired, if you purchase any of these designs in a project of your own, be sure to tag me on any social media posts you create. I always love to see how my work is used by other creative types!


Assuming I’m not in some far-off, exotic location satisfying my wanderlust — another lifelong passion —  you’ll find my newest designs right here. I’m so glad you’ve dropped by to visit! And if you’d like to license any of these designs or commission something entirely new, I’m always open to new partnerships. Please get in touch!

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